• Waking Up Excerpt0:35
  • Scared Excerpt0:47
  • Just Enough Excerpt0:55
  • Whatever Excerpt0:41
  • Fiction in the Flesh Excerpts0:44
  • Make and Happen Excerpt0:44
  • Easy Excerpt0:38
  • This Sensation Excerpt0:43
  • Normal Excerpt0:49
  • Ending This Way Excerpt0:43

Sheet Music Available NOW!

Are these songs free?

Yes!  We want all folks to have the ability to sing these songs because there are so few musical theatre songs that engage with queer identities and experiences.  However, if you feel you have the financial ability, there is a suggested donation of $3 per song.

Do I have to be queer to sing these songs?

Nope!  However we do ask that you be respectful of the original identities these songs were intended for, and take that into consideration when performing the music.

Can I request the song in a different key?

Yes!  There is a $3 fee for a transposed song as this takes a little extra work.  Just ask for your new key in the additional comments section!

The song I want isn't listed! How do I get it?

Either the song you are looking for has been cut from the show or we have not decided whether or not we want to release the sheet music to the public.  If you would like a song that's not listed, feel free to request it. We will decide on a case by case basis whether or not to send out the song.

Available Songs:

Waking Up (Key: B major)

Scared (Key: Bb major)

Just Enough (Key: C major)

Whatever (Key: E major)

Fiction in the Flesh (Key: C# minor)

Make and Happen (Key: B major)

Easy (Key: C major)

This Sensation (Key: E major)

Normal (Key: C major)

Ending This Way (Key: C major)

Savannah Souza (Charlie) , Polyphone 2017

Photo: Paola Nogueras

Emma Pillow (Taylor), Polyphone 2017

Photo: Paola Nogueras


Looking for your next audition cut?  Need a unique song for an upcoming cabaret?  Want to just jam out with some friends to queer music?  Look no further! Song selections from Normativity are available NOW!  Fill out the form below and we will send you the song you request. 

Listen to selections from the songs: